Cricut Designs

For the longest time I was addicted to my Cricut there was no reason to use any other items. Then one day I took the leap and bought a Sizzix.  My Cricut was  slowly pushed to the side.  The more I used my Big Shot the less I wanted to use my Cricut.  Recently I decided to pull it out dust it off and slowly we’re getting to know each other again.  One thing that dawned on me was the ability to create my own cards based off of card sketches and various die sets.  That alone has saved me some money and hopefully others will be able to see it too. My first feature I took a screenshot of some designs i put together. Very basic with lots of print elements. But I think with the right type of paper and a few embellishments it can certainly match a single layer card any day. 



As you see, these are lots of free images that I used. I created my own backgrounds and borders. My favorite from this picture is “best mini ever” but the one that surprised me was “all my love”


I’m sure some of my lines may not be exactly even but for designing in my phone not bad.  This is called a my favorite thing frame and I believe it is similar to their latest. One thing to note, I can’t create the stitches lines and not sure if it’s the right size but I do like the frame.  

Evie Reid