Love your pet (1)



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I had so much fun making this card. I wanted the card to have a softer theme to it.  Below I will show the steps I took to create this card.  Enjoy!


The heart dies are from Kat Scrappiness and a favorite of mine. I use them whenever I can.  


I know it seems as if there weren’t many pictures.  I really just pulled 2 sheets from my scrap pile that seemed to match and cut out the heart frames.  I really like the sentiment and wanted it to be showcased on the front of the card. I liked how it turned out. 


I had some kraft paper off to the side to use for what, I have no idea lol. But I thought it would definitely work with a little shading here and there.  I used my tombow markets for the roses and added some Copics to shade some.  I tried to use the same copics throughout to keep things uniform. 



such a perfect description for best friends.  I know I feel this way about my bestie. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

This blog hop will be used to raise money for Lucky Mutts Rescue 

I hope you enjoyed my post for the #loveyourpet blog hop.  Please check out the other blogs this week as we share the love of pets!  Remember to comment below!  

Evie Reid